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Welcome to the homepage of Information Science and Technology School!


Entering the information era of the 21st century, the remarkable development of information science and technology has changed our daily life in many aspects. This website is to utilize the Internet to publicize the latest trend regarding our school as well as the whole information science and technology society.


Our school features the comprehensive advantage of the varieties of disciplines in information and technology field of Fudan University, encompassing various departments, including Electronics Engineering, Optics Science and Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Micro-Electronics and Lighting Engineering. We also endeavor to achieve the goal of cultivating outstanding talent and promoting favorable development of our nation’s IT industry through implementing high-quality education and carrying out research at the cutting edge of international IT science and industry with the partnership with several joint R&D centers worldwide and national laboratory.  Our students shall not only absorb professional knowledge and moral education but also gain entrepreneurship and innovative ability, which will enable them competence of engaging in forefront science research.


The fast development of global IT technology has brought unprecedented challenges along with opportunities to us, and as a result of that, a large number of good talents are indispensable to the sustainable development of our nation’s IT industry. Thus, we are sincerely looking forward to excellent young people from all over the country to our school for in-depth knowledge and degrees of Bachelor, Master and Doctor. For more information regarding our education, research, disciplines etc., please visit this site.


Thank you!


Li-Rong Zheng

Dean, SIST, Fudan University

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