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The School of Information Science and Technology (SIST) includes five departments and one sub-school, which are Electronic Engineering Department, Department of Optical Science and Engineering, Communication Science and Engineering Department, Department of Microelectronics, Department of Light sources and Illuminating Engineering and School of Microelectronics. SIST has a faculty of over 240 and an enrollment of over 3100 students in various programs. The school has developed a complete educational system covering undergraduates, master students, PhD students and the professional degree—Master of Engineering students.


SIST is actively engaged in research and education in a variety of fields. Now it boasts five first-degree disciplines (two are authorized to confer PhD degrees and one is national key discipline), eleven second-degree disciplines (including three national key disciplines and two Shanghai key disciplines), two post-doctor workstations, six PhD programs, eleven MSc programs, six professional-degree Master of Engineering programs and six undergraduate programs. SIST also has ASIC state key lab, Ministry of Education Key lab of Wave Scattering and Remote Sensing Information, Ministry of Education Engineering Research Center of Advanced Lighting Technologies, National Base of IC Talent Cultivation and over 20 advanced research centers, research institutes, joint labs and experiment labs for undergraduate and graduate programs.

SIST takes advantage of its multiple information disciplines and actively engages in scientific research. The school has successfully applied for a great number of research projects in national, ministerial, provincial and municipal levels and achieved important research results recognized nationally and internationally.
SIST actively pursues international academic collaborations and maintains relation with world known universities, research institutes and enterprises in nearly 20 nations and regions. The school has greatly improved its educational quality by accumulating valuable experiences and advices through the exchanges with top universities.
Since the foundation of the school in 2000, SIST has reaped remarkable successes in pursuit of innovation and excellence. At the threshold of a new phase of development, we are confident that the future of SIST is even more brilliant.
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