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The School of Information Science and Technology, with an overall construction area of 30,000 square meters, lies north of Handan campus in Fudan University (220 Handan Road, Shanghai), distributed in the office buildings including the Physics Building, Microelectronics Building, DianGuangYuan Building, Computer Center, Science and Technology Building, Yifu Building, Yifu Building of Science and Technology, Optics Building, etc, as well as the Zhangjiang campus of Fudan University. The administration of the school resides in the Physics Building .   


 Yifu Building of Science and Technology 

Physics Building 

DianGuangYuan Building

Microelectronics Building  at Handan Campus  

Science and Technology Building 

Computer Center   

Optics Building 

Zhangjiang Campus

Microelectronics Building  at Zhangjiang Campus  


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