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2012 is a fruitful year. Scientific research on multicore processors and frequency synthesizers, etc. has made a significant breakthrough; Professor Ya-Qiu Jin, Fellow of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, leading his team won the second class of the National Natural Science Award; Professor Min-Hang Bao won the second class of the S&T Achievements Granted with National Technology Invention Awards; the book "The photonics glass and its application" authored by Professor Fu-Xi Gan and Lei Xu won the first class in the area of East China; Professor Xuan Zeng, who won the first class of the Shanghai Natural Science Award, is also the winner of Shanghai “May 1st” Labor Medal; and Professor Xiao-Yang Zeng, who won the Key Program of National Natural Science Foundation, also won the Shanghai “Shu Guang” project. All this has provided the school international fame and extensive attention worldwide.


Young faculty members have played important roles internationally and stood out with extraordinary achievements. Representatives in 2012 are as follows: Professor An-Quan Jiang, winner of the National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars, Professor Hai-Bin Zhao and Zong-Zhi Zhang, winners of the National Science Foundation for Excellent Young Scholars, who together with Professor Xin-Ping Qu were also elected to the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University (MOE), Professor Xiang Li, winner of the Shanghai Science and Technology Young Talents, Professor Yin-Yin Lin, winner of the Program of Shanghai Subject Chief Scientist, and Professor Peng-Fei Wang, who was awarded the Shanghai Top 10 Youth IT Elites.

       Jitao Wang

       Jitao Wang

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