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Towards a world without illness

Speaker:Prof. Rudy Lauwereins(University of Leuven)

Time and Date: 15:00, Jun. 2, 2017

Place: Room 138, Physics Building, Handan Campus




Thanks to improved medical treatment, human life expectancy grew in many countries from 50 years in 1900 to over 80 years today. Continuing this trend, we may enjoy a life expectancy of over 100 years by 2060. However, “healthy life expectancy” is today more than 12 years shorter than the actual life expectancy and is hardly increasing. Medicine indeed succeeded in turning life threatening illnesses into chronic diseases. By 2060, we hence may enjoy a long sick life… My hope is to prevent illness altogether and hence to really enjoy a long healthy life. Joint efforts from the medical and engineering communities could enable this drastic change from “curing and caring” to “preventing” through, for example, continuous monitoring as well as behavioral change stimulation.






Rudy Lauwereins, IMEC副总,比利时鲁汶大学教授,IEEE Fellow.



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