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Prof. WANG Wei-Qi

Prof. Weiqi Wang graduated from Physics Department of Fudan University in 1961. He was promoted to a full professor in 1988, get the Fudan University Chair Professor title in 1998 and elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Eng in 1999. Now he is a member of the Sci & Tech Committee, Ministry of Education of China. He is a member of the Academic Committee of Fudan University and chairman of its Eng & Tech Subcommittee, chairman of the Electronic Sci & Eng Postdoc Center of Fudan University, Dean of BME Institute of Fudan University. He is also vice chairman of the Shanghai Association of Experts with Outstanding Contributions, vice chairman of Shanghai Invention Association, a member of the National Med Instru Inspection Expert Committee, Emeritus Director of the Acoustics Soc of China, Emeritus Director of China Instru and Control Soc, Director of the Ultrasonic Subcommittee of the Chinese Med Association. He is honorary member of editorial board of the Ultrasound in Med & Biol. He is also a chief editor, associate chief editor or editorial member of over ten academic publications, such as Chinese Med Instru, Chinese Journal of Sci Instru, etc. He also was as a guest prof at 4 national universities of Japan, including Tokyo Institute of Tech, Kobe University, etc. He was the recipient of AIUM/WFUMB Pioneer Award, and about 20 awards, such as National Invention Award (2nd place). He has contributed about 250 papers, coauthored 7 book and 2 patents.
Research Fields
His research interests include medical electronics, biomedical ultrasound and its diagnosis system, medical signal analysis and processing, ultrasound imaging. 
Selected Publications
1. Kailiang Xu, Dean Ta, Weiqi Wang. Multiridge based analysis for separating lndividual modes from multimodal guided wave signals in long bones. IEEE Trans on Ultrason Ferroelectr Freq Control, 2010, 57(11). Automatic segmentation of
2. Qi Zhang, Yuanyuan Wang, Weiqi Wang, Jianying Ma, Juying Qian, Junbo Ge.calcifications in intravascular ultrasound images using snakes and the contourlet transform. Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology, 2010,36(1):111-129
3. Qi Zhang, Yuanyuan Wang, Weiqi Wang, Jianying Ma, Juying Qian, Junbo Ge. Computer simulation of intravascular ultrasound plaque images. Chinese Journal of Acoustics. 2009, 28(4):310-321
4. Dean Ta, Weiqi Wang, Yuanyuan Wang, Lawrence H. Le, Yuqing Zhou. Measurement of the dispersion and attenuation of cylindrical ultrasonic guided waves in long bone, Ultrasound in Med & Biol, 2009; 35(4): 641-652.
5. Dean Ta, Weiqi Wang, Kai Huang, Yuanyuan Wang, Lawrence H. Le. Analysis of frequency dependence of ultrasonic backscatter coefficient in cancellous bone. J Acoust Soc Am, 2008; 124(6): 4083-4090.
6. Kai Huang, Dean Ta, Weiqi Wang, Lawrence H. Le. Simplified inverse filter tracking algorithm for estimating the mean trabecular bone spacing, IEEE Trans on Ultrason Ferroelectr Freq Control, 2008, 55(7): 1453-1464.
7. Qian Tao, Yuanyuan Wang, Weiqi Wang. A new method for Doppler clutter rejection based on irregular sampling and iterative spline reconstruction. IEEE Signal Processing Letters, 2004, 11(9):764-767
8. Yu Zhang, Yuanyuan Wang, Weiqi Wang. Denoising quadrature Doppler signals from bi-directional flow using the wavelet frames. IEEE Trans on Ultrason Ferroelectr Freq Control, 2003, 50(5):561-564
9. Zhongchi Luo, Yuanyuan Wang, Weiqi Wang. Estimating coronary artery lumen area with optimization-based contour detection. IEEE Trans. on Medical Imaging, 2003,22(4):564-566
10. Yu Zhang, Yuanyuan Wang, Weiqi Wang, Bin Liu. Doppler ultrasound signal denoising based on wavelet frames. IEEE Trans on Ultrason Ferroelectr Freq Control, 2001,48(3):709-716
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