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 Prof. GU Xiaodong
Prof. Xiaodong Gu received his Ph.D degree in Signal and Information Processing, Peking (Beijing) University in June 2003. From Aug. 2003 to Jul. 2005, He had been a Postdoctoral Fellow with Electronic Science and Technology Postdoctoral Research Station, and Department of Electronic Engineering, Fudan University. From Apr. 2006 to Dec. 2013, he had been an associate professor with Department of Electronic Engineering, Fudan University. From Jan.2009 to Mar.2009, he had been a Guest Professor with Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan. From Aug.2010 to Sep. 2011, he had been a Visiting Fellow with Princeton University , USA . Since Dec. 2013 , he has been a full professor with Department of Electronic Engineering, Fudan University. Since 2014 he has served as an Editorial Board Member of 'Neural Networks'. He has published more than 100 academic papers and coauthored four books .He has been Principal Investigators of nine research projects and vice Principal Investigators of many other projects. His four patents were awarded . He was the recipient of 2003 Excellent Graduate of Peking University , the recipient of 2005 Excellent Dissertation Award of Peking University, and the recipient of 2007 Excellent Postdoctoral Fellow of Fudan University (10/553).He was awarded 25th Shanghai Excellent Invention Trials Silver Award (Third place). He was awarded 2016 Shanghai Natural Science third-class Award (First place), etc.
Research Fields
His research interests include (1) pulse coupled neural network, (2)artificial neural networks, (3) deep learning, (4)brain-inspired models,(5) image processing, (6)hand vein recognition,(7)pattern recognition,(8) social networks ,(9) machine learning, etc. 
Selected Publications
1. Haibing Wu, Xiaodong Gu, Yiwei Gu. Balancing between over-weighting and under-weighting in supervised term weighting. Information Processing & Management. 2016, 1-11
2. Haibing Wu, Xiaodong Gu. Towards dropout training for convolutional neural networks. Neural Networks. 2015,71:1-10.
3. Xiaodong Gu,Yu Fang, Yuanyuan Wang. Attention selection using global topological properties based on pulse coupled neural network. Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 2013, 117:1400-1411.
4. Zhaohui Meng, Xiaodong Gu. Palm-Dorsal vein recognition method based on histogram of local Gabor phase XOR pattern with second identification. Journal of Signal Processing Systems, 2013,73:101–107.
5.Yu Ma, Xiaodong Gu, Yuanyuan Wang. Color discrimination enhancement for dichromats using self-organizing color transformation. Information Sciences, 2009,179:830-843.
6.Chengcai Ma, Xiaodong Gu, Yuanyuan Wang. Fault diagnosis of power electronic system based on fault gradation and neural network group. Neurocomputing, 2009,72: 2909-2914. (Citation times, Web of Science core: 15, Google Scholar:24)
7.Xiaodong Gu. Feature extraction using Unit-linking pulse coupled neural network and its applications. Neural processing letters,2008, 27:25–41. (Citation times, Web of Science core: 23, Google Scholar:47 )
8.Xiaodong Gu. Spatial-temporal-coding Pulse Coupled Neural Network and its Applications. Chapter 5 in “Neuronal Networks new Horizons” (ISBN: 1-60021-485-1), Nova Science Publishers, New York, USA, 2007, pp.137-179
9.Xiaodong Gu, Daoheng Yu, Liming Zhang. Image shadow removal using pulse coupled neural network. IEEE Trans. on Neural Networks,2005, 16(3): 692-698. (Citation times, Web of Science core: 51,Google Scholar:103)
10.Xiaodong Gu, Daoheng Yu, Liming Zhang. Image thinning using pulse coupled neural network. Pattern Recognition Letters, 2004,25(9):1075-1084. (Citation times, Web of Science core: 38, Google Scholar:85)
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