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SIST Held International Academic Assessment Meeting 2014



The International Academic Assessment Meeting 2014 of the School of Information Science and Technology (SIST), Fudan University, was held in Guhua Tower on November 17th, 2014. The Vice President of Fudan University Li Jin and Fang Lu, administrative officers from related departments of Fudan, and faculty members of SIST attended the meeting. The management group and academic leaders of SIST reported to the International Advisory Board and attendees regarding the School’s development in the past two years and future plans.


After meeting in 2010 and 2012, SIST International Advisory Board for the third time met at Fudan for the assessment of the School, including a new member Ke Wu, Professor of Electrical Engineering at University of Montreal, and Fellow of the IEEE, the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE) and the Royal Society of Canada (RSC), who received the honorary appointment to the Board this time.



At the beginning of the meeting, Li Jin, Fudan’s Vice President, addressed a welcome speech on behalf of the university. He indicated that the university highly appreciated the evaluation from the International Advisory Board, and he believed the professional suggestions from the Board would make a difference to the development of SIST.


Lirong Zheng, Dean of SIST, made a general presentation based on the previous assessment results in 2010 and 2012. He reported the great efforts of the School in terms of the development of target areas including the setup of research centers, as well as the restructure of the School’s organization. He also introduced the significant progress on research achievements, academic impact, national and international influence and the future plan of the School from 2015 to 2020. “Our vision is to make SIST a School of leading position in China, and of high reputation globally in area of electronics, information sciences and engineering.” Zheng said.


Ran Liu, Dean for Internationalization, further reported the School’s international cooperation on scientific research and education. Academic leaders Xiang Li, Yifang Chen, Liangyao Chen, Nan Chi and Yandan Lin presented in detail the latest research achievements and future development aims on the School’s main research areas of Adaptive Networks and Control (CAN), Electron Beam Lithography (EBL), Light Propagating at the Metal-based Interface, Media Communication and Smart lighting Research, respectively.


At last, Lirong Zheng again introduced the roadmap of SIST regarding the future development orientation, including the setup of new National/MOE/SKL Labs and Centers, the development of new International Innovation/Cooperation Centers, the reinforcement of national and international cooperation, the internationalization of students and faculty, and the improvement of infrastructure.


After a one-hour close-door meeting, the Board Chair Professor Bernard Weiss, Advisor to the Vice-Chancellor of St Mary’s University in London and Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, UK, gave a feedback on behalf the Board. He acknowledged the School’s significant changes that had been achieved over the past four years and the well formulated plans for the future, and gave recommendations on research, School structure and operation, recruitment, and undergraduate and postgraduate education.


The International Academic Assessment Meeting ended with Fudan’s Vice President Fang Lu’s acknowledgment to the Board members for their outstanding work and good wishes to SIST for a bright future.

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